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wind solar hybrid controller
Charging Mode Of Solar Controller 2020-09-10 10:00:48

PWM solar controllers and MPPT solar controllers. Normal solar controllers are the first-generation technology that works by hanging the output of the solar panel directly into the battery port and automatically disconnecting when the battery is plentiful, because of the battery's resistance, and the solar panels aren't fully utilized, and the charging conversion efficiency is about 70 to 76 percent. The pwm solar controller is the

second-generation technology and is now the most popular in the market. It works by using the PWM charging control, which has improved a lot compared with the conventional solar controller. It can completely solve the problem of battery charging dissatisfaction. The charging conversion efficiency is about 75-80%, but the solar panel is still not fully utilized. The mppt solar controller is the third generation technology, which is the most high-end solar controller. The mppt solar controller is an upgraded version of the pwm solar controller with the "maximum power point tracking" feature.

The mppt solar controller is capable of detecting the voltage and current of the solar panel in real time and continuously tracking the maximum power so that the system can always charge the battery with the maximum power. The JNGE brand mppt solar controller tracking efficiency is 99%, which is up to 97% of the power generation efficiency of the whole system, and has good management on the charging of the battery. With current technological advances and energy savings, the trend for mppt solar controllers to replace traditional pwm solar controllers is irreversible.

Solar Charge Controller

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