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wind solar hybrid controller
Choose A Solar Controller With Different Charging Methods 2020-09-10 10:41:02

The main function of the solar controller in the solar photovoltaic system is to prevent the photovoltaic array from overcharging the battery and protecting the battery from over discharging the load. These include solar controllers and some battery maintenance and management functions. Battery charging voltage temperature compensation, over-voltage shutdown and recovery point setting and regulation, system warning and remote monitoring function, system operation parameters recording and other functions.

One: should choose the controller with lower power consumption, the solar controller works 24 hours a day, if its own power consumption is large, it will consume part of the power, it is best to choose the controller with power consumption below 1 Ma.

two: to choose the controller with high charging efficiency, it is best to have a controller with mppt charging mode (maximum current tracking), which can automatically track the maximum current of the battery board, especially in winter or the period of lack of light, the mppt charging mode is about 20% more efficient than others.

Three: we should choose a solar charging controller with two-way power regulation, because the dual-way power regulation controller has been widely popularized, in the night when there are few pedestrians, the time period can automatically turn off one-way lighting or two-way lighting, which can greatly save the battery power, can also save electricity, but also for led lights automatic power regulation. In addition to the above power saving function, we should also pay attention to the protection function of the solar controller for the battery and other components.

Just like the JNGE brand solar MPPT controller,which can protect the battery well, thus increasing the service life of the battery, setting the undervoltage protection value of the controller, and setting the undervoltage protection value at ≥11.1 v as far as possible to prevent the battery from overdischarge.

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