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Daily Maintenance Of Solar Inverter 2020-09-10 10:33:03

The solar inverter is mainly a solar panel that receives solar energy and then converts it into electric energy through the inverter.  Generally, only regions with abundant sunshine will recommend installing solar power generation equipment.  Therefore, whether the solar panel is clean or not is directly related to the power conversion capability of the solar panel.  During routine maintenance, the solar panel shall be cleaned regularly to prevent foreign matters from covering the solar panel.  However, it should be noted that solar panels are generally relatively fragile. Care should be taken when cleaning to prevent solar panels from being broken.

Of course, attention should also be paid to whether the solar inverter should be operated strictly in accordance with the provisions of the solar inverter operation and maintenance instructions. In particular, attention should be paid to whether the input voltage is normal before starting up.  During operation, attention should be paid to whether the turn-on and turn-off sequence is correct, and whether the indication of each meter and indicator lamp is normal, etc.  Once there is an abnormal phenomenon, it is necessary to find out the cause of the abnormality. If you cannot solve it yourself, you'd better find a professional person or manufacturer to repair it.

In addition to manual maintenance of the solar inverter, it also has its own protection function. Solar inverters generally have automatic protection for open circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating and other items, so manual shutdown is not required when these phenomena occur.  The protection points for automatic protection are generally set at the factory and need no further adjustment.

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