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What is is an Off-grid solar power system 2020-09-21 10:59:40

Off-grid solar power system does not rely on the power grid and operates independently. It is widely used in remote mountainous areas, non-powered areas, islands, communication base stations, street lights and other applications. It uses photovoltaic power generation to solve residents in areas without power, lack of power and unstable power, schools Or the demand for electricity for life and work in small factories, photovoltaic power generation can partially or completely replace the power generation function of diesel generators by virtue of its economic, clean, environmentally friendly, and noise-free advantages.

Classification and composition of PV off-grid power generation systems

Photovoltaic off-grid power generation systems are generally divided into small DC systems, medium and small off-grid power generation systems, and large off-grid power generation systems. The small DC system mainly solves the most basic lighting needs in areas without electricity; the medium and small off-grid systems mainly solve the electricity demand of homes, schools, and small factories; the large off-grid power generation systems mainly solve the electricity consumption of the entire village and the entire island. Demand, the system is now also in the category of microgrid systems.

The photovoltaic off-grid power generation system is generally composed of a photovoltaic square array composed of solar cell components, a solar controller, an inverter, a battery pack, and a load.

The photovoltaic array converts solar energy into electrical energy when there is light, through the solar controller, inverter (or inverter) to supply power to the load, while charging the battery pack; when there is no light, the battery is inverted The converter supplies power to the AC load.

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