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wind solar hybrid controller
What is the difference between a solar street lamp buck controller and a boost controller? 2020-06-17 08:54:00

The function of the solar street lamp controller is to control the light source on and off. There are different choices for different light source controllers.  Solar street lamp controllers are divided into two types: step-up and step-down.  ANHUI JNGE power co., ltd. Who is the manufacturer explained the difference between them.

I. light sources

The light sources used by different controllers are also different. The buck-boost constant-current integrated controller generally uses three strings of multiple parallel, with a single voltage of 3.3V and a voltage of 9.9V (basic knowledge of physics, series boosting and parallel current boosting) according to the led lamp beads.  The boost constant current integrated controller generally uses 10 strings with an output voltage of 33V. We divide the voltage of the solar street lamp system into 12V/24V. When the cost is generally considered, when the battery is less than 100 AH, we use a single 12V system.  The buck maximum output power is 30W and the boost maximum output power is 60W (its heat dissipation affects its output power).

II. Current

The current mentioned here is the charging current, and the charging speed of solar panels varies according to the illumination. The more sunlight there is, the larger the charging current will be.  Current is generally identified by unit A. Different manufacturers of controllers set different maximum currents. Let's take 5A and 10A as examples. When the solar panel battery power reaches more than 100W, its output current is about 5.8A For the controller with maximum output current 5A, it is easy to cause damage to the controller.


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